We have been living in a COVID world now for over 12 months.  The impact has been felt throughout the world and impacted each part of our personal and professional lives. 

It is more normal for professionals to be working remotely and more than likely from home and to even see the kids pop in for a quick hello. 

For companies that were reluctant to allow employees to work remotely due to concerns of availability and productivity has significantly decreased.  Professionals have been more humanized as there is less of a focus on getting showered, dressed up, and it’s just seeing colleagues in their rawness.  Maybe we have seen colleagues with no makeup or no showered hair.  The likelihood to see pj or workout tops is more the norm now than before.  We seem to have been able to push past this appearance that once used to be the sole focus but instead we come together in our pjs, slippers, and head wraps and say let’s put all that aside for the greater goal of let’s get our work done. 

As the world starts to return to this new normal, companies are faced with the question of do employees actually have to come into the office or can they continue to work remotely?  Each industry and company have to re-evaluate all their office and remote policies but now employees have proven the world keeps turning, productivity has maintained if not increased and we have seen the truer, transparent, and more authentic versions of our colleagues which have garnered appreciation and respect. 

We have come together without the facades to see who is truly behind the suits. 

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