Conferences.  Live Events.  In Person Networking.  

These are all things that had been hibernating for over two years during the most intense times of the pandemic.  For some, there is anxiety about returning to in-person events.  For others, there is excitement, and even for others, there is a sense of freedom, having been cooped up for so long.  

For myself, I think I was a bit of all these categories.  I wanted to find a conference where I could ease myself in at my own pace and on my own terms.  

Nashville was lucky enough to host Marketforce Live’s Insurance Innovators June 26th-28th.  Also a friend and colleague of mine was speaking, so I wanted to be sure to be there to show my support.  Due to client travel, I was only able to attend one day, but the stars were aligning for my conference re-entry.  It was just right.

Insurance Innovators did a great job of bringing together experts from all over the US and making sure that their backgrounds and aspects of insurance were diverse so we could have a full representation of the insurance industry.  Key players included carriers, technology partners, digital innovators and everything in between.   

Topics ranged from the impact of the pandemic on insurance to the innovative culture and what the future looks like now at a macro level.  Deep dive topics included claims processes, low code/no code, API, B2C and lots of case studies.  

Some of the themes that I heard from the stage that resonated and that I agreed with were:

  • Covid was the great experiment across people, tech, processes
  • The last 2 years have given us countless lessons in adaptability vs adoptability
  • Covid was not a driver of change but rather an accelerator of change….or was it?
  • Being virtual allowed for growth in other areas…an increase in trust of employees 
  • Insurance agents saw increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • When evaluating processes, be prepared to fail and try again until you get it right.

My favorite carrier speaker was the head of digital transformation, Laura Bennett from Chubb. In her talk she highlighted the top three key factors to remember when thinking about engaging with consumers:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Communication
  3. Trust

She discussed the importance of innovative technology and how it can leverage and maximize simplicity.  Communication must include content, consistency, compassion, and empathy.  When simplicity and communication are achieved, then trust is established.  

If you are in the insurance space, in any capacity, and are looking for a group of people that get it, then be sure to check out Insurance Innovators and all their upcoming events.  Etymology will be represented at the Insurance Innovators Summit 2022 in London in November, so be sure to look for us!