Feeding the Professional Soul

Just like we need to eat, drink, and exercise to keep a strong and healthy body we too must feed our business minds and souls to ensure we are stretching and growing.  For many individuals that are multi-tasking life, time to read or research is more of a luxury than before.  As a working mom, I have leaned in and found other channels by which to feed my business mind to ensure that I’m continuing that self-care. 

I am a big fan of the 5-15 minute business shots and applaud the multiple offerings in the market that have embraced this in society.  As a kid my businessman Dad loved the tape sets that came from the greats like Zig Ziglar and Stephen Covey.  In today’s world, we rely on podcasts, Instagram stories, and even text message motivations. 

Here are two of my current favorites.  These are by no means endorsements, just a working mom sharing what works for me in this busy life.  Audible is my present-day cassette tape.  I can search by author, title, and even subject.  The chapters are broken out into my business shots so they can be absorbed between calls or even in school carline.  Masterclass is newer to the market but provides both audio and visual options.  These classes are taught by the best of the best in the world in their craft and it’s more of a Q&A style.  They are categorized and broken down into less than 15 minutes business shots so great for those small windows of time.  If you have time to watch, they offer videos and clips based on the topic.  I have found myself willing to try other topics because you can watch just one shot topic or the entire series by that speaker.