Employees Are People

You have heard it said time and again that employees make the company.  They participate and drive the culture, diversity, and innovation.  Remembering employees are people with families and friends is many times missed. 

On the US side we think that 14 days vacation/personal time is enough to unwind, self-care, recover from sickness, spend time with loved ones and it’s just not.  The rest of the world does better by granting 3 – 5x times this amount.  However, the set amount of time is quickly becoming something of the past.  Employers are embracing flex time meaning no set time is given, it is between that employee and their boss to determine how much time they need/want.  Then add on the additional layer of remote working availability and even though a colleague may be working from the hospital bedside of their mother where the days are long, being able to stay plugged in can be oftentimes a welcomed distraction as time ticks slowly by. 

Remote working has allowed us the freedom to work from anywhere, any country, and timezone but we mustn’t forget that we do need to unplug. 

Finding the balance in this new normal will take time and there are so many variances based on industry and profession.  Employers who have implemented the flex time policy are finding that employees are more productive and more engaged when on because they aren’t as worried about “How many days do I have in my vacation or pto bucket.”  If a family member is sick they are able to be present in those critical times with them, but are willing and at times grateful to plug in when the only thing to do is to wait.  Professionals that wear the multiple hats of parent or caretaker are truly grateful for this shift to flex time and remote availability.  Even though they are multi-tasking their production and motivation in their responsibilities have continued to meet if not exceed expectations because there is no longer the stress of time and location.