Delegating to Technology

We are privileged to live in a day and age of technology, innovation, and automation.

We don’t want to automate our relationships or interactions, but there are three key areas that you can delegate to technology that will free your time to allow you to be more present in your life and in the coming new year.

  1. Time Management:
  1. Social Media Posting – Doesn’t take away from the personal interactions such as commenting or liking posts but allows you to plan and schedule in advance so that your presence is consistent.  It also gives you the freedom to step away and unplug as necessary from social media without completely leaving it.
  2. Calendar & Schedule Management – Post it on your website, signature, LinkedIn for ease of access and connecting with you.  This one is a game changer, especially for those that have multiple calendars to manage.  One tool manages up to six.  You may have too many calendars if your immediate family start to schedule time with you via your tool though!  
  3. CRM + Email Marketing Tool – Similar to social media posting, plan and schedule in advance those communications to stay connected while giving them the chance to schedule that one on one time with you when they are ready.
  1. Process Excellence & Efficiency: Secure & Cost-effective tools
    1. Electronic signature tool – From professional to personal, we are always being emailed or provided something to sign and return.
    2. Financial system – Take out the worry of invoicing on time, paying on time, capturing receipts for expense management, tax preparation, etc. There are free, nominally priced and expensive tools out there.  Simply outline what functions you need, and find the tool that’s right for you right now and next.  Don’t try and purchase for later.
    3. Centralized workspaces – Try to keep as much as you can under one roof.  This streamlining will provide a more simplified approach to your organization.  Always remember KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  It’s a bonus if this workspace also securely stores your passwords.  
  1. Customer Engagement: Enhancing Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    1. Process automation – How can technology provide a better customer experience? Policy onboarding, claims processes, timeline/milestone communication, payments, basic FAQ.
    2. Online surveys – #Voiceofthecustomer.  Your customers want to be heard, so be sure you have an easy way for them to provide their feedback.  You might get some great ideas to introduce into your product roadmap.
    3. ChatBot – Immediate assistance, no waiting times which ushers in instant gratification for some customers and their basic needs.  It also allows you to sift through the simple issues quickly to get to the more complex customer issues that need a person over the phone.  

Here at Etymology Consulting, we work with clients to help identify the areas within their companies or non-profits that can be automated.  We can help with innovating and road mapping to your success.  Depending on the tool, we can even handle the implementation or introduce you to some proven partners.  

With automation comes process improvement, streamlining, and scalability for growth.  That sounds like a great intention for 2023.   

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