Poor Employee Engagement + Dr. Jim

Lately, across industries there have been consistent talks of different employment trends– quiet quitting, the great resignation, layoffs, talent gap, and the list goes on.   In light of all these things,  I appreciate how Dr. Jim’s most recent posts are addressing the symptoms of poor employee engagement.  Let’s face it. For the quiet quitters or […]

Driving Forces Behind Increased Entrepreneurship

We are in a day and age where it is not uncommon to hear of new entrepreneurs launching a business or employees leaving the stability or volatility of corporate infrastructure to do something new and different, but why? Gone are the days where you spend your entire career in one job, at one company, in […]

Branding and Marketing for Innovation + Nora DiNuzzo

Let’s talk about branding, marketing, and innovation.   Many times we start with a problem. Then we move to solutioning, which requires lots of ideas. After lots of failures, we land on a solution to the original problem – which in some cases can be an innovation.   Now the question is: how do you tell anyone […]

Identify Nonprofit Trends + Randy Ford

Here at Etymology Consulting we focus on three areas: Identify, Innovate, and Implement.  Throughout the year we will be focusing our content and bringing in thought leaders as we tackle these three buckets. Let’s dive into Identify which by definition means to recognize or distinguish.  Identifying the trends in your industries is important as you […]

Canva Tips + Elisa Stampf

To the men and women who wear many hats.   Maybe you run a start-up.  Perhaps you’re the founder of a nonprofit, an employee that wears many hats, or maybe a parent with kids’ projects.  Having some basic skills in Canva for your marketing and brand messaging is an essential.   Canva is an online design and […]

Delegating to Technology

We are privileged to live in a day and age of technology, innovation, and automation. We don’t want to automate our relationships or interactions, but there are three key areas that you can delegate to technology that will free your time to allow you to be more present in your life and in the coming […]

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