When choosing to partner with Etymology Consulting, you are choosing to harness the power of collaborative support.



Our work together begins with collaboration – partnering to understand everything we can about your organization in order to create something transformative. Along the way, we empower you and your team with realistic and attainable outcomes. 


Who are you? What’s working? What’s not? Where do you want to go? What’s the current status of your operations? These are the questions we will discover the answers to and establish goals for the growth of your business or organization. Our goal? To inform solutions that fit your needs. 


Etymology Consulting considers our clients partners. It’s important to us that we deliver solutions and innovation for you, but also that we help you understand your role in long term implementation. Cultivating collective capacity allows you to thrive from within. 


Our work together naturally creates an impact – to you, your business, your clientele. Uncovering insights, developing strategies and designing solutions around user needs, problems and goals is just part of that impact. 

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Sectors We Operate In

Etymology Consulting provides services throughout the entire technology life cycle and operation process, beginning at ideation through program management to training. We work with global clients across industries to provide expertise in innovative technology, business integration, and operational needs.


Etymology Consulting seeks to help you realize your true potential as an organization.  We clarify and streamline processes to create purpose, maximize efficiency, and empower innovation.  


Etymology Consulting was founded as a way for our team of skilled individuals and organizations to come together, harness the power of collaborative thinking and teamwork, and bridge the gap between vendors, clients, and end-users. We bring a collective of 25+ years of technology development and integration and 40+ years of insurance industry experience.


Misha Bleymaier-Farrish provides a unique perspective that pairs logistical understanding with innovative vision-casting and development, cultivated through 20+ years of experience in operations and technology.

As Etymology Consulting’s founder she leverages her team expertise throughout the entire technology life cycle to assist their clients in reaching their organizational goals.

Misha’s life motto is GSD – “Get shit done,” a philosophy she brings to life with GSD Factor, and the approach which Etymology Consulting utilizes with any organization, client, or project with which she works.

Misha is an advocate for the under-voiced, mentoring the next generation of business leaders across insurance and technology, empowering those that need professional direction and clarity.

She is a wife and mother of two who is no stranger to dreaming big, questioning the status quo and digging in to get shit done.

Misha is a strong believer in individuals collaborating to empower and encourage one another as we trailblaze our industries and bring about much needed change.